Our crazy, crazy school

It’s Homecoming Week here in wherever I happen to be. And that means crazy costumes. Green (the color of our crosstown rivals. No one likes our year.) for Monday. Very green.

On Tuesday, we were regions of our lovely, not too hot or too cold state, and we got hiking. To be specific, Yosemite. Sadly, no one was a hantavirus.

Wednesday was awesome, we got to be rock stars! Our class VP has a really rockin’ costume. So I make really terrible jokes sometimes. So what? You do it too. That’s right. I’m lookin’ at you.

Anyways, today was the castle, which is way more fun than dressing like babies or creepy things or pirates, cause you could be the queen or a princess or a night or a very sleepy castle guard (realistic sleep deprivation included)..or whatever!

Our float seems to be better than last year, so whoo! Airbands tonight, hoping for a win. Probably won’t get it. We came thisclose to beating last year’s class a year older, so they’re out to get us.